On Dry Land.

IMG_6021Usually I am ready to come home from vacation. This past week I was not. I’m not sure if it was because in saying goodbye to my mom we were also possibly saying goodbye to her house, to our home away from home, since they recently put it on the market. Or maybe it was because we brought our puppy with us so I still got my daily dose of cuddles and it didn’t feel like we were that far away from home. Or maybe it was because my daughter brought along her brunette best and they were having so much fun and I didn’t want the nights of sitting around a fire playing name that song and laughing uncontrollably to ever end. Or maybe it was because my niece and nephew are growing up before my eyes and I wanted one more day to kiss their chubby cheeks and squeeze their tiny hands. Continue reading

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On the Other Side.

img_5569There was a time in my life when I dreaded the grocery store. I dreamed of a day I could fill my cart full without the number in my bank account looming over me— to simply be able to put something in my cart without calculating whether or not I had enough money to pay for it. In those early days feeding my daughter came first, which meant I had barely enough left over to afford much of anything so I spent a lot nights eating tuna and Hamburger Helper. Continue reading

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On My Heart.

img_5253-1My husband took this photo of me last night and plot twist — I didn’t tell him to. I actually didn’t even know he was taking it until I heard the click on his phone. At first I wondered if maybe he was trying to get a blackmail picture of me because when I’m in concentration mode I make some really weird faces. So I asked him if I looked funny? And he said no, he just liked seeing me write. Cue the butterflies. He’s definitely getting an entire page of acknowledgement if I ever write that book.
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life | creativity in the mundane.

img_5232-2This isn’t one of my typical posts but my brain was at a standstill on what to write about so I decided to give you all a glimpse inside my make up bag!  Sometimes with this blog I get caught up in trying to stick inside my “niche” and then I get trapped inside this box I’ve piled all the things I should write about and anything that doesn’t fit inside that box doesn’t count. But here’s the thing friends, when I’m being creative— whether it’s in the topic I choose to write about or the picture that goes along with it —that’s where I find the space where my strengths thrive. Continue reading

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life | 8 Books to Read this Spring.

dsc_0181-2Happy March friends! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my favorite books with you guys, and I’ve been on a book binge the last couple months—it seems lately if I’m not writing, I’m reading, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites. And as you’ll see in this list, I have a rather all-embracing love for literary genres – from self improvement, to memoirs, to mystery and thriller, there’s really nothing off limits for me. Well, technically you aren’t going to find me and my Starbucks, indian-style in the history aisle of Barnes & Nobles anytime soon, but that’s about the only thing that doesn’t tickle my fancy. Continue reading

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mom life | authenticity.

facetune_26-02-2019-17-33-11-1Last month my daughter turned 14. She asked for bright yellow high top shoes. I refused to buy them for her. I would never wear shoes that bright. I shamefully thought they were “too out there” and I wasn’t being a good mom by buying her something that made her stand out. She got them from another family member and I cringed a little. But then she put them on Continue reading

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