Mommy’s Life | {my wish}


  {{some see a weed, some see a wish}}

There comes a time, or many times, in every mother’s life when time stands still. When for a moment you look at your child and realize just how quickly time is passing by. Today I had one of those moments when I glanced over at my munchkin as she held onto a dandelion, drew in her breath and exhaled a wish, and I thought to myself how can this be? When did she become this imaginative girl, full of wishes, and dreams, and a heart full of exuberance. And I was torn between joy and sadness as I realized that with every second, every minute, every day that passes my mucnhkin is growing up. She’s no longer the tiny bundle of joy that I sang Amazing Grace to as I rocked to sleep every night. She’s long past the toddler who I pinky promised to love forever. Gone are the days of preschool, and a refrigerator covered in stick figure art. Soon we will say goodbye to the elementary days, and girl fights, first crushes, and our first taste of how tough it is to be a girl.
 These memories I keep locked away in a special place in my heart. For moments like today when I see the future and feel the ache that comes with knowing my little girl is no longer a baby, and soon will be a teenager, and then a woman, a wife, and a mother. There are small cracks already beginning on the surface of my heart when I realize that with every minute that passes more moments are being swept away, off into the world just like the florets of the dandelion. 
So as she closed her eyes tight and blew with all her might I sent a wish along with hers . .
{my wish, for you, is this life becomes all that you want it to,your dreams stay B I G and your worries stay small you never need to carry more than you can hold & while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to. I hope you know that somebody loves you,and wants the same things too} 
…and if I had to, I would wish on a field full of dandelions to make this wish come true! 

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