Life | {coffee + Jesus}

{Jesus and Coffee make for a better day}

I am going to try and start my mornings with a little more prayer, and little less coffee because lets be real, a cup before I leave the house, a cup on the way, and a cup at the office might be a tad too much! And well, Lord knows I am going to need Jesus to help me ween myself off of my favorite caffeinated beverage!
Ok, in all honesty, I typically do start my day with prayer. Sometimes it’s just a simple prayer/plea that goes a little something like this; “please God help me not to press the snooze button for the umpteenth time.” Speaking of, if I hit the snooze button when I get up at 6 in the morning, how on earth did I ever wake up and start my days at 3? It had to have been by God’s supernatural power, which is probably why now every morning I simultaneously beg for a few extra minutes of sleep all while thanking him for the job I have now! That being said, I don’t think I THANK Him near as much as I should for everything else in my life He has blessed me with! 
So I plan to start each morning with a lot more gratitude, and a lot less requesting. Because if I’m honest, a lot of my prayers have requests attached. See I’ve got this prayer thing down if you count how often I pray, because I literally pray all day long….for different things. When I leave my house I always pray for my family, while I’m driving to work I pray for safety. When I get to work I pray for a stress free day. On my way home I pray for a peaceful evening—and a homecooked meal prepared by my husband (hint hint). When I lay down at night I pray for a baby, because the bible says “pray and you shall conceive,” right? 😉 I pray all the time, but most of my Dear God’s are followed by a “for.” And as much as I want to continue asking for all of these things, and while I don’t think God minds so much, I would like to take some of the focus off of what I want, and refocus my prayers on what I have. Rather than asking for things, I want to acknowledge everything that God has already given me, and done in my life.
Because if I stop for a moment and erase everything off my “pray for” list, I realize just how blessed I am, right now, at this very minute, listening to my husband sleep, drinking my first and final cup of coffee for the day, and getting ready to wake up my beautiful munchkin so we can have breakfast together. It doesn’t get much better than this, and while I’m sure I’ll send up some of my usual requests, I want to pause this morning to simply say Thank You Jesus. 

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