Mommy’s Life | {munchkin says}

-Visiting the long horns and the new baby the other night:
Mom: “We have to be quiet so they stay close”
Munchkin: *loudly* “SCALF”

Mom: “SHHH!”

Munchkin: “Mom, I know what I am doing!”

(Sure enough both longhorns and the baby stayed put, even when she jumped the gate and headed towards them)

Mom: “You are crazy! If they come at you, run!”

Munchkin: *giggles* “I was planning on standing still if they come at me.”

Mom: “kid…”

Munchkin: “oh mom.” 

-Riding in Kenzie’s “New Ride” (the golf cart Cody got for her) : 
Mom: “Slow down! You are going to break this thing, it’s not made for off-roading ” 
Munchkin: “Yes it is! Dad says I can’t go on the road, so technically it is for off-roading” 

Mom: “well you are going to throw me off when you turn.”

Munchkin: “well use the ‘oh shoot’ handles then” 

-On our way home from dinner one night 
Dad: “I think I should squeal the tires again”
Mom: “Absolutely not!”

Munchkin: “YES! That was so awesome, I felt like I was in the N-A-S-C-A-R” 

Mom: “NASCAR?”

Munchkin: “Yea, that!”

-When the waiter brings our food at Wolfies: 
Munchkin: *looks painfully at Cody’s Nachos* “looks like a plate full of heartburn” 
-Watching TV and an ALMAY Cosmetics commercial comes on featuring Carrie Underwood
Munchkin: “LIAR!!!!!”
Mom: *startled* “What?”

Munchkin: “She said she didn’t wear makeup!!! She is no longer my favorite!”

Mom: “There is nothing wrong with makeup!”

Munchkin: “Poison. It is POISON I tell you!”

– Random conversation:

Munchkin: “I want to go to Vincennes like you dad”
Dad: “You are smarter than that, you should go somewhere like Purdue”

Munchkin: “But you went to Vincennes and you are the smartest person I know! You know everything about agriculture, and hunting!”

Dad: “I didn’t learn that there, trust me!” 

Munchkin: “Well what did you learn then?”

Mom: *shooting Cody the “you better not” look* “Cody…..”

Dad: *chuckles*

This weeks “I love you more than”:
Mom: “I love you more than spoonfuls of Nutella”
Munchkin: “I love you more than spoonfuls of cookie dough….. but I don’t really know what that tastes like because someone doesn’t let me have that much sugar!”

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