Farmers Wife | {reminders}


So us crazy lovebirds decided to take on a farmhouse fixer upper with high hopes of turning it into as close to our dream house as we could on a small budget and a certain impatient persons time frame (myself, that is).

But with a little bit of God’s grace, and a whole lot of knocking on every piece of wood trim that’s left, everything has been going better than expected! There have been only a few paint trays full of tears, and we are still speaking to each other—so what I’m thinking is…. we should totally go into business, HGTV style 😉 TOTALLY KIDDING!! I will be perfectly content if I never again have to pick a paint color from the million different sub categories that exist— I just want grey, not a bird colored, a flower named, or a rainbow based concoction, just give me grey before I pull out that little wirey thing that just sprouted on my head & say “match this!”

Needless to say, due to our overwhelmed state of being, my husband and I have been a little on the grumpy side. 

So when I opened my email today to this:

I almost cried tears of joy (and relief) that despite my craziness, and my inability to pick paint sans a meltdown, my husband still loves me.

It was a great reminder that it’s LOVE that makes a home, not perfectly painted who-knows-what-color grey walls!

So thank you to my husband. The hard work he’s been putting into this house to give me my dream home is yet another reason *why I love my husband*, oh and thank you for making this “sweet fussy” girl smile today, and every day!

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