Life | {party of 3}


Goodness sakes, there’s not enough words to describe how much I love my {family}. The start of our weekend got a little off course when Kenzie’s plans changed. My hub and I had planned to go on a date to unwind from our busy past few weeks, and come quitting time I couldn’t wait to get home to get ready ! On my way home munchkin called to tell me she wanted to stay home this weekend, but felt bad because she knew we were going on a date. As soon as she told me the news, my excitement for my date with my hub turned to this warm fuzzy feeling in my heart…because as much as I love my time with my husband, there’s nothing I love more than getting to spend time with my family. 

Our party of 3 had a great date last night! Laughing, stealing bites from each others plates, and swapping jokes! My heart was overflowing with gratefulness for this life, and these two I get to share it with! What a great start to our weekend, hope your weekend is full of love and laughter!  


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