Farmers Wife | {4 years}

Four years ago on February 19, on a sunny, unusually warm winter day, I walked down the aisle to a man who had just whispered to the pastor under his breath, “wow, she’s beautiful.” 4 years later I hear those same words almost daily – when I first wake up (morning breath and all), when I’ve gained a few too many pounds and don’t feel my best, when I get dolled up for a date night, when I call him for the millionth time during the day, when I’m wearing his sweatshirt with my hair in a messy bun on top of my head, when I’m laughing at his goofiness, when I’ve tried on 20 shirts and still can’t make up my mind, when I ask for a picture of us for the 100th time and he finally agrees, when I’m cooking dinner and he sneaks up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist and nuzzles his nose into my neck —when he whispers “you are beautiful,” it takes me back to the day I promised for better or for worse to a man who loves me inside and out— all my flaws, imperfections, my hundred pound baggage, my insecurities, my weaknesses— all of it, he thinks is beautiful. That’s what love is, what our love is. 4 years of beautiful moments, and beautiful memories that make this life worthwhile! Looking forward to many more years!  


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