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Right before I sat down to write this my daughter said “I had so much fun with you today, Mom.” My response, “do you really mean that?” She giggled and gave me a big hug! 

Tween years aren’t always the easiest, and somedays I feel like I’m in foreign territory, trying to run through quicksand. So to hear those words and for them to be sincere, my heart about exploded! My daughter and I are so much alike that we have nothing in common! And yes I typed that sentence correctly. I’m sure my other mamas out there know what I mean. 

So today we set out to spend the day together, something that usually ends with a lot of frustration because running errands to kenz is about like a bubble bath is to a cat. I say lets go run errands and the hair on her neck stands up and her claws come out. It’s horrible, really. Today was different. By Gods grace, I only had to do a little coaxing for her to agree to spend the day with her “boring” mom. We ate lunch at a fun sandwich shop, we did a quick stop at my favorite consignment store, slurped down some smoothies, then we went to the mall so I could I show her my new obsession—fingers crossed the eye rolls stayed behind. Because everything I do is so weird, ya know. 

Well, instead of eye rolls I got eyes wide with excitement! She loved the Alex and Ani bracelets as much as I did! We spent probably 30 minutes looking at them all, and reading all the meanings of the symbols. We were like two little girls in a candy shop! She helped me pick out two with meanings that are near and dear to my heart, and when Kenz walked away to look at something else I had the lady grab one more—the one Kenz had said she really loved, and one that fit her personality perfectly! When she put it on she said “I’m never taking it off.” Then she gave me a fist bump and we jingled our new bangles—and only cool people, like Dad, Papaw, Uncle Josh and Uncle E get fist bumps, so I knew I’d done something right! 

We may not share the same hobbies, opinions, or tastes but today we found ourselves on common ground looking at a display of bracelets; laughing, having fun, and enjoying our time with each other… 

I don’t think I’ll ever take mine off either, Munchkin !    

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