Farmers Wife | {date night}

Give me a hundred acres, cut a path through the long leaf pines: a little piece of paper saying everything I see is mine

As long as you’re beside me, it’s all the same when the daylight ends

I ain’t never gonna worry ‘bout nothin’ again

You sittin’ there lookin’ all pretty in the sunset tree line half-drunk with me 

And I love that feelin’ when the smile starts kickin’ in

Where the blacktop dies and the gravel begins

Me and you skinny dippin’ where the river bends

Ain’t never gonna worry ‘bout nothin’ again

This is what a date night looks like out here on our farm—

*me and my man in our kitchen cooking dinner together

*taking a drive through the backwoods, checking on the fields

*stopping to slow dance in a bean field, and watch the sun go down 

*country music on the radio making a soundtrack to a memory we never will forget 

My heart can hardly handle how much I love this man, this love, and our story 💗

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