Mommy’s Life | {enjoy the ride}

Love this picture from Holiday World from 7 years ago with my munchkin, and my niece! I still can’t figure out how they convinced me to get on this terrifying ride (even if it was just the kiddie one)—this momma prefers to keep her two feet planted firmly on solid ground! But that’s one thing I love about my munchkin. She’s fearless (and extremely pursuasive!) She reminds me daily how important it is to live in the moment, to take risks, and to go after my goals. Even if that goal involves forcing your mother on the death drop, only to hear her scream louder than a bunch of 4 year olds. In the end, the memory is always worth it! 

So thank you Munchkin, for your magnetic force to all things that give me a heart attack. You’ve taught me, and continue teaching me, to be more adventurous, and less fearful! I admire your courageous spirit, and your heart for fun! I can’t imagine riding life’s roller coasters without you there forcing me to “buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

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