Life | {twists and turns}

It’s almost 10 and I’m finally sitting down  for the day. I have been on the go since I got off work at 1 —I went to the gym, then to the grocery, then went home, put a load of laundry in, then got a head start on dinner before heading to the barn to work calves. We left the barn and headed to the softball fields for practice, then I came home to finish dinner, went back to catch the last part of practice, then headed home to feed the hub during his small break from harvesting wheat. After dinner we finished 4H books—that are due tomorrow (nothing like last minute)—then I washed dishes, folded a load of laundry, put laundry away, tucked my sweet girl into bed, showered, THEN I poured a glass of wine….shewweeee I’m out of breath just typing that! 

In the midst of all my craziness I got a notification on my phone from my KLove app that said: 

“Find God’s guidance and trust Him with life’s twists and turns” 

It could not have come at a better time! I tend to get extremely anxious and grouchy when I have a lot on my plate. I don’t handle twists and turns very gracefully, and today was on the verge of being one of those your-plate-just-overflowed-kind-of-days. Come time for dishes I could feel my grumbling on the brink of spilling over… “Why are there always so many dishes” .. “I wish this house had a dishwasher!” .. “I just want to sit down!” .. “My husband never has to do the dishes.” Then my phone went off and my thoughts immediately changed .. 

“There are always so many dishes because I can afford to feed my family a home cooked meal every night” ..

“This house is a beautiful home full of love, and this sink full of dishes is a reminder of some of the more important things in life like  family time and laughter” ..

“These legs your standing on just worked hard for you today. Be thankful they can run, and walk, and stand at the sink.” ..

My husband…the man who spent part of his day yesterday in the hospital is going on his 14th hour of work for the day…dishes pale in comparison to the work he does every single day to provide for our family. The least I can do to say thank you for all he does is to let HIM sit down when he comes home…”

Somedays my perspective isn’t quite as grateful or graceful but when I find Gods guidance, and trust Him in every single moment, every single obstacle, every single chore my thoughts become full of love and thankfulness for this journey…with all of its twists and turns! 

Thank you God for the great reminder! 

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