Life | {edited} 

I love editing pictures, I have since the “olden” days when you had to upload pictures from an actual camera to a PC then use an editing software that you had to purchase! Now you can edit straight from your phone for free—one of the reasons I actually love technology! Well I get asked all the time what I use to edit my pictures so here ya’ll go —giving away all my secrets! 

PicTapGo — this is my FAVORITE for filters! You can layer more than one filter and change the strength of each, and also do all the basic adjustments (lighting, contrast, etc.) I also love that I can upload pics straight to Instagram and “float” my picture—because I’m a tad ocd about my pictures, and I hate having to crop my photos to make them square! 

FaceTune — this is my go too for details! You can smooth your skin, make your eyes pop (this is the BEST feature), whiten your teeth, and disguise all those imperfections the selfie camera picks up! And it also has some fun filters! 

POTO — this is my favorite for making collages! 

Typorama— I love quotes, and lyrics, and Bible verses so this app lets me turn them into pictures using really awesome font! It also has a bunch of cool backgrounds you can use, or you can add words to any of your pictures, or just use a solid colored background. I’ve tried a ton of different similar apps buf this one is by far the best! 

There you have it! Give them a try, they are so much fun to play with!! 

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