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I still can’t believe another summer has come and gone and we find ourselves on the eve of another school year. It feels so surreal that my baby is going to be a 6th grader! That’s the year all my school memories began. I still remember the outfit I wore on my first day of 6th grade— a yellow Pac-Sun long sleeve shirt that had tiny white daisies on it, and jean overall pants, which I must point out are back in style, although I’m sure mine weren’t as flattering lol!

So tonight during our walk after dinner we had a good laugh about the story I’ve told her a million times of my first day of 6th grade when I missed the bus and had to walk to school, crying of course, because back then we didn’t have cell phones (now I’m really starting to feel old!) I promised her she’ll never have to follow in my footsteps and “walk uphill both ways” to get to school 😉

I did however make her promise that she store her memories from these days somewhere safe so one day when she becomes a mom she can pull them out and say “back when was a 6th grader…”

And I pray those stories are filled with lots of laughter, plenty of lessons learned, forever friendships, and a heart that never stopped loving! ❤️

Good luck my sweet munchkin, your mama is proud of you!

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