Mommy’s Life | {recess}

Tonight my daughter and I went to her old elementary school’s playground and she showed me everything she used to do at recess, and I had the most fun I’ve had in awhile! 

I oftentimes find myself too busy, too distracted, and too rushed to slow down, and take a break from the craziness of this life. So tonight I’m thankful I pressed pause on adult life and pressed play to being a kid again with my kid! 

My kid who is growing up way too fast. My kid who one day won’t want to take me to the playground and teach me how to hang upside down on the monkey bars, and play tag with me, and show me how to jump out of a swing, and make me face my fear of heights and sit next to her on top of the play set. One day she won’t be a kid anymore—so while she is, I’m going to press pause more often, and soak up every single moment I can at recess with my favorite girl! 

Thank you munchkin for making me press pause, for taking me to recess, and for being the most amazing kid I know! I love you more than Oreos! 

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