Life | {the lucky ones}

I can’t think of a better person to spend a weekend celebrating than this girl: my best friend of 18 years. When I say I don’t know what I would do without her, I say that from the core of my soul. This girl has been my family since the first day she rode the bus home with me and sat on my kitchen floor for hours eating cheese and talking about life—she got me then, and she gets me now. She is my other half in the fact that when I am weak she is strong, when I have doubts she has faith, when I am overly emotional she is stable, when I make mistakes … she points it out (lol I gotta love her blunt honesty), when I am shy she is my confidence, when I fall she picks me back up, when my glass is half empty she fills me back up, and when it’s dark she is my light— and boy does her light shine bright on everyone she encounters. 

I loved every minute of celebrating the amazing friend, mama, and person she is! A beautiful person like her deserves a beautiful party and that’s just what she got! (We are lucky to have so many creative, party planners in our group). It’s a rare event to see Brit cry, but when she saw her surprise dinner party she gave me a hug with tear filled eyes and said how lucky she was to have friends like us. Little does she know—we are the lucky ones! 

Happy 30th Birthday Brit! I am so thankful for our daily phone calls, for you always being a constant in my life, and for all the memories we’ve shared throughout the years! You are my person, forever and ever, til we’re old and gray! 

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