Farmers Wife | {chasing sunsets} 

Let me be real for a minute—last month was a rough one for my husband and I. Both of us were dealing with a lot, separately and individually. There were hard decisions being made, difficult diagnoses being processed, it felt as if our futures were in a state of limbo. We both came to forks in the road — with both paths being uncertain. I usually am a talker (sometimes exploder) but I shut down last month. Words were hard to come by. Needless to say, we discussed the weather a lot last month! 

So to say last nights date was much needed is an understatement. We set out on a mini adventure, chasing the sunset. We started after dinner where my husband took over the camera to get the perfect picture, then we headed to the middle of a corn field, with a blanket, a candle, and a few cold ones. And as we laid underneath the setting sun, we discussed everything under the sun …literally. The night was beautiful, in more ways than one. Finding beauty within the ugly moments is what life, love, and marriage is all about! 

I am so blessed to have this man beside me walking the unknown, uncertain paths of this life…hand in hand, chasing sunsets—on the sunny days and on the not so sunny. 

It was a perfect way to start a new month, and a new chapter! September, I welcome you, with open arms, an open heart, and open eyes ready to see all Your beauty ❤️

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