Farmers Wife | {cowboy approved}

When I first met my husband I learned really quickly that the way to his heart was through his stomach. And well….my idea of a home cooked meal was a one course meal big enough to feed me and my little person, and it hardly ever consisted of meat because me at the meat counter looks a little bit like a foreigner in an English class (oh the horror). Once we got married and I was cooking every night my skills started to improve, and since my husband raises beef I learned quickly how to incorporate it into our meals. But it wasn’t until I came across the Pioneer Woman that I started really enjoying cooking. Ree Drummond is a woman after my own heart! I haven’t met a recipe of hers that I didn’t LOVE! When my mother in law gave me her cookbooks I was so excited! I literally use them for almost every meal.

This morning I made her lemon blueberry pancakes and they got the cowboy (& munchkin) approval. And I made enough for a football team so looks like it’s pancakes for breakfast tomorrow too! Now I have a pork butt (raised on our farm) in the crockpot and dinner is DONE! So easy! Time for snuggles with the pup! 

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