Farmers Wife | {for the win}

Pioneer Woman for the WIN again tonight! Had to share this one because my cowboy put this one in his top 5 list! It’s always fun when me and the hub cook together—him on the grill, God love him for standing out in the cold, and  me in the kitchen. I was busy making homemade fried onion straws to top our salad, a homemade dressing, and candying pecans while cowboy was grilling a farm raised steak to PERFECTION. I paired dinner with a Farmhouse Red from Blakes Cider Mill in Michigan and if I weren’t so stuffed, I’d be drooling right now! So GOOD! I packed the little left overs we had in a mason jar, and my lunch is packed. We definitely will be repeating this one! 

Drool, love, repeat: Pioneer Woman | Big Steak Salad

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