Mom Life | {snack time}

One thing my daughter and I always disagree on is what is okay to have as a snack. I have to remind her often that icecream is NOT a snack, or at least not one I approve of! This week a coworker brought in this veggie dip and it was so good I couldn’t wait to make it for home. It’s seriously the easiest thing to make —1 packet of Ranch Dips, 1 container of reduced fat sour cream, and veggies. Then the hard part, mix, dip and enjoy! I made it last night, and told my daughter it was for her after school snack, to which she gave me a look that said “my mom has lost her mind”…and then she tried it, and loved it! It was a hit— Munchkin and Mom’s-against-icecream-for-snacktime approved! 

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