mom life | twelve.

So often these days I find myself uttering the words “slow down.” There have been so many moments as a mother that I’ve wanted to call a ceasefire with time. Because keeping my little girl, little, is a losing battle. Yet, when I get to experience those rare, magical moments of feeling as if I get a tiny glimpse into my daughters future, I find myself thankful for the time that has come and gone, and transformed my baby into a beautiful individual.

This weekend, while my now twelve year old giggled with her three best friends amongst make up brushes and curling wands, my heart swelled and my lips curved upwards. I have prayed countless prayers asking for my daughter to find her forever friends early in life, and if the laughter and smiles were any indication, I am certain those prayers have been answered in three wonderful, unique, God lovin (not so) little girls. For the first time in all these years I look forward to the years to come, and watching their friendship grow.

I may not always be the one she runs to after a bad day, or when hormone filled emotions get the best of her. I may not be cool enough to sit with at dinner, and I may not have the best advice on fashion, or makeup and definitely not hair, but I know who she turns to when she needs a friend, who she can lean on, and who she can trust with her secrets….and with her hair.

Happy Birthday Munchkin! I hope all your  wishes come true, seeing you with your girlfriends is proof that one of mine already has.

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