farmers wife | five years.

One thing I’ve learned in 5 years of marriage is how to adapt when plans change. My husband is more of a wing it kind of guy —and Lord knows I am the complete opposite. Not having plans in place make me freak out a little. Basically, he wings it, and I wig out. But since I love my husband madly, I’ve come to appreciate his go with the flow mentality…and on occasion I welcome it with open arms.

This year was proof that sometimes last minute plans turn out to be better than the best laid plans. See, we had planned a weekend away in southern Indiana and then I went to book our hotel and it was sold out…gasp. So when our plans went south, we decided to go south with them—Tennessee bound it was!

Keeping in my character, I made A LOT of plans for our weekend away, and God love my husband he said lead the way and off we went on an adventure of exploring Nashville! We marked off a few places on my list :

Draper JamesIf you know me, you know I love Reese Witherspoon—like LOVE Reese Witherspoon. So to be able to shop her store, with a sweet tea in hand, because of course they serve sweet tea while you shop, was a big check mark on my list.  12th Ave S was such a neat strip. I loved every minute of walking up and down the southern inspired boutiques —when I die, I hope I’m reborn as a southern belle who wears baby blue and watermelons, writes thank you notes on pretty stationary and says “totes ya’ll” while sipping sweet tea from a mason jar. As for this life, I will smile from ear to ear and walk around star struck because I got to stand where Reese has stood before—totes ya’ll!

The StilleryI put this on my list because I knew my husband would love it, and I’m a fan of cocktails in mason jars. I decided to try hot chicken, since it seems to be Nashville’s mascot. My mom asked what is hot chicken? Well, it’s HOT chicken, and as in hot I mean it felt like a chemical peel on my esophagus. I got half the sandwich down and about ten jars of water…my husband got one bite, so I feel like my picture should have gone on their wall or something..but it didn’t. The girl next to me, had no problem eating her fire on a bun so obviously we were first timers (and last timers). I salute anyone able to do that to themselves, but I prefer to still have taste buds after my lunch.

ACME Feed & Seed : The view from the rooftop was what I was after at this spot, and man was it an awesome view! I love the co-op feel, and the interior of every level was so neat. It was a little too busy to be able to eat, but it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to try another time!

My list was full of more places to see but we ended up stumbling upon a few places on our own— more reason to love winging it.

The Southern Steak & Oyster : I don’t even know where to start with this place, I’m drooling too much just thinking about it. We stumbled upon this gem while on our way to a different spot for dinner, and it did not disappoint. They take reservations only, but it was first come first serve at the bar so we went to grab a drink and the timing was perfect because a couple at the bar was leaving and we got their seats! Everything was impeccable, from the wine to the dessert, from the oysters to the steak, from the atmosphere to the service. I’m so glad we ditched our plans and ended up here, it was worth every bite, and ever penny!

Nashville’s Sky Bridge : I’m all about city skylines. Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved looking at a city from a distance. This was a killer view from over the river, and it was only a minute from our hotel! So glad we stumbled upon this before we left. It was our last stop before heading home—til next time Nashville ✌🏼

After two days exploring, we decided to head home a day early because no matter how much fun we have traveling together, being home is our favorite adventure. Our plans may have changed, they may not have all gotten a check mark next to them, but the memories we love most aren’t the ones we made but the ones that just happen.Cheers to five years, and the many years to come…

And cheers to LOVE, ya’ll 💗I’m looking forward to the next 5 years with this guy!

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