“I have wrestled so long, my heart-screams drowning out His persistent and patient whispers of grace and hope and peace. When all He wanted was for me to be still. And sometimes my stillness is nothing more than silent doubting. Silent, unseen rebellion, my heart still bitter, still broken, and still questioning His faithfulness.

Waiting is hard. Oftentimes waiting is painful and filled with questions, guilt, shame, and frustration. Waiting has marked my days, defined my plans, and shaped my faith. I’ve waited for answers. I’ve waited for test results. I’ve waited for the next month, the next appointment, the next procedure.

And all along all I needed was to be waiting On God. He is the prize for which I am waiting. He is the treasure for which I am searching. He is the joy for which my heart yearns.

And in this waiting my prayer is this: Lord, let me be enabled and empowered by the waiting, not crushed by it.” 💗🙌🏼

— #nationalinfertilityawareness 

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