farmers wife| the garden.

I had all but given up —desperate for a sign from above

Something good, something kind bringing peace to every corner of my mind. . .

Then I saw the garden. Hope had come to me, to sweep away the ashes, and wake me from my sleep.

I realized YOU NEVER LEFT and for this moment You planned ahead

That I would see, Your faithfulness in all of the green

— Kari Jobe The Garden

I heard this song the other day and was lost for words. When my husband and I planted my first garden it was during a time when I needed the distraction more than ever. We were nearing the three year mark of trying for a baby— without success, and I had all but given up.

My heart and my hope were broken. Planting this garden gave me something to believe in, something to fill the space in my mind that yearned for a child.

Never did I imagine this small square in my back yard would bring me so much peace… so much joy. I honestly didn’t expect much when we sowed those tiny seeds, but I believed they’d grow to bear fruit, and I was willing to do what I needed to help in the process. That meant getting my hands dirty, pulling weeds every day, taking time to water it… and read it stories, and sing it lullabies, and do a Cherokee rain dance (I may or may not be kidding.)

Every time I spotted a vegetable hidden beneath the sprawling leaves and stems my gratitude grew and my sadness withered—I knew the garden was helping heal my broken soul.

This garden is proof to me that God is faithful, God is good — He can grow beautiful things from the tiniest seeds of hope.

Around the time we planted our garden I read a quote that has stuck with me : to plant a garden is to believe in the future. At the time I was feeling very hopeless about our future, but I decided while my hands were immersed in the dirt, that I was going to believe that whatever Gods plans are for me, they are GOOD—even if they are different than my own.  

We don’t know what our future holds, but we believe in the One holding our future.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we cannot see.

—Hebrews 11-1.

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