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Happy Sunday Ya’ll! Lately the hay fields have been stealing my hub away so I’ve had some free time on my hands. Today I was feeling crafty so I decided to redo a dresser in our extra bedroom. I wanted to try my hand at chalk paint but after seeing the price tag on the Annie Sloan brand at one of the antique shops downtown, I decided to find a cheaper option. Thankfully the cheaper option was also super easy, and the results were better than I imagined.

To make your own chalk paint— mix 1/3 cup Plaster of Paris (in the paint section @ the hardware store) + 1/3 cup water then mix in 1 cup paint (I used flat so I’d have a really matte finish). I paid $15 for these two items and have a ton left over for future projects!

And after seeing the results, I may chalk paint every piece of furniture in my house đŸ˜‰

ere’s the before and after…

b>BEFORE:< img src=””>&lt; b>AFTER:< b><

nce the paint dried (I did 3 coats) I took an emery board along the edges, and in random spots to create a distressed look.< img src=””>&lt;

t’s amazing what a little paint can do!

‘m loving this update, and can’t wait for my next project in this room!< img src=””&gt;

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