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Hi ya’ll! Tonight I’m posting my first *thrifty thursday. I’ll be posting items I find at different thrift stores. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, jewelry or home decor I always seem to find some really awesome things for dirt cheap! If you know me, you know I hardly EVER pay full price for anything. Bargain shopping was passed down to me from my momma, and I’m so thankful it was because it got me through some tough times as a single mother. Over the years bargain shopping to survive turned into bargain shopping for FUN! Another ones trash, is another ones treasure! Call it cheap, or penny pinching, I call it being thriftyβ€” and smart.

So for my first post I’m sharing this adorable dress I found the other day for … wait for it…. ELEVEN dollars! Yes I typed that right. And the necklace was under $5. I’m not even kidding! The dress is from The Loft, and the necklace is from JCrew.

This dress is so comfy! It’s one of those outfits that can be casual or dressed up. You’ll find me in this outfit at work, church, or sipping coffee at Barnes and Nobles!

… or posing nonchalantly by a barn

Or accessorizing with a jean vest, cool shades, and a dorky pose! 😎

g this look, and the thrift store tag even more πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Happy Thrifting Ya'll!

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