farmers wife| cowboy.

Dear Cowboy,

You are rough around the edges, but I believe it’s to protect your soft heart. For I see how much of yourself you give to others on a daily basis. I’ve witnessed your tough exterior crumble when your loved ones are hurting. I watched you, a grown man, sob over our sweet girl while she laid in a hospital bed unable to be helped by you. Our helper. The man who can fix anything from a broken bike, to a devastated heart. For I’ve been held tightly in your arms, only silence spoken, as both our hearts shattered from yet another failed attempt at making our dreams come to pass. You so tenderly remind me, with your rough and worn hand in mine, that we will get through this, because we have each other. My Cowboy. Strong as a hurricane, soft as a cottonwood blowing in the breeze. You hold me upright when I feel I am on unsteady ground. You carry our family upon your strong shoulders, promising to never let us down. You are tender and kind, resilient and stubborn. With hands made of grit and hard work, and a heart made of a cowboys ride… never worrying about the fall. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. For choosing me, loving me, and teaching me to always get back on the horse.

I love you, Cowboy.

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