farmers wife | thrifty thursday.

It’s Thursday again, already… I swear the weeks just fly by! My thrifty thursday outfit is from last weekend but I had to share this one. I got a lot of compliments on this dress, although I believe my husband stole the show, and made us both look good! HELLOO Cowboy… somethin about that hat, gets me every time!

I found this dress and necklace at Simply Chic (my go to for thrift shopping), and the price tag made me love it even more! I paid $16.00 for this outfit, yet I felt like a million bucks.

We had such a fun night this past weekend celebrating love with family and friends. The highlight of my night was dancing with my husband during the “longest marriage” dance and getting to stay up longer because we’ve passed the 5 year mark! This has secretly been one of our goals since we got married, so we were giddy like newlyweds! My husband looked around the group still standing, and said “we are the youngest ones up here, kind of cool” and I was all “one day we’ll be the last one’s standing” and then we kissed, and basically it was super mushy, and super magical. However, marriage is not always fairy dust, and slow dancing under the stars, a lot of the time marriage is sweeping away cob webs, and trying to find your way through the dark. It’s hard work, and it involves a whole lot of grace and forgiveness, but in those rare moments where it’s just you and him, twirling around a dance floor, looking forward to the future, that you realize for better or for worse, love is always worth it.

Happy thrifting (and loving) ya’ll!

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