mom life | currently.

Currently channeling my inner Reese Witherspoon and reading her newest recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere. I don’t look near as cute as she does, but my fur baby sure does.

I’m also currently holding my breath as to not inhale any of the germs floating around from munchkins sudden stomach bug that erupted (literally) all over school, her bedroom and our living room floor today. It’s been one of those “this is what real mom-life looks like” kind of days— munchkin woke up with a belly ache, I showed no sympathy then I sent her off to school with these exact words “you don’t have a fever, drink some water, and suck it up” which explains why my husband got the call from the nurse and not mommy dearest. By the time the hub got to her she’d upchucked the boogie twice in the nurses office and I officially felt like the worlds worst mom. Add to my mom guilt the fact that I couldn’t leave work until 1 so she gave me a play by play via texts every time she threw up—with a lot of very pitiful looking emojis. Once I made it home, she had mustered up enough energy to shower and then passed out with her head over a trash can. Which left me with time to tackle the dirtiest job in America —operation vomit clean up. I bet you just threw up a little in your mouth, ’cause I did—the.entire.time.

This is real life folks.

And you want to know what I’m thinking in this photo… “is it too early for a glass of wine?” 🍷🤷🏼‍♀️

So here’s to the mamas out there who’ve had a less than Instagram-worthy day, who’ve worked harder at home than they did at their jobs, and who feel like that glass of wine tastes a lot like a vacation. Let’s all pretend to be Reese for a moment and grab a good book, and kick up our feet—we all deserve it!

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