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I’ve been on a book binge the past few weeks. So I will leave you with a few that have earned a spot on my bookcase:

After You Left – Carol Mason : I have an uncanny ability to guess what’s going to happen next in books and in movies. I more often than not can pin point the villain, or find out the mystery long before I’m supposed to. Unfortunately, for my husband I have a bad case of spoiler alert-itis — SO basically, it’s in your best interest not to invite me to a movie or to a book club. This book, however, stumped me. Up until the author revealed the plot twist I was still trying to figure out the who, what, and why. Carol Mason deserves a high five! This was a really good story of love, heartache, and learning who you are through letting go.

Of Mess and Moxie — Jen Hatmaker : I adore Jen Hatmaker. She’s one of those authors that I feel like I could be best friends with. She’s funny, smart, and real. She says things out loud that I think and i always find myself saying “oh my gosh, me too” and laughing out loud when I’m reading her books. This one was no different. And hidden between her hilarious daily moments and her witty commentary she tucks away real life advice that make me run for the highlighter. I closed this book feeling like I’ve got this mom thing figured out, and I am so much cooler than I really am. You rock Jen. Let’s get coffee, or a margarita.

Little Fires Everywhere — Celeste Ng: Thanks to my other imaginary best friend Reese Witherspoon for this recommendation. I gobbled this one up in one sitting. I could relate with so many of the characters that it was almost scary. I saw myself in the single struggling mother, in the teenager making wrong decisions, in the woman going above and beyond to help her friend, in the mother driven by fear. I must be honest with you though, I disliked the ending, possibly hated it actually. I yelled at my book when I read the last page, this was at midnight might I add so I felt a little jipped — I stayed up for THAT! Total bummer. But the other 350 pages were totally worth it!

Happy Reading folks!

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