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There is so much in this picture that I love. One of the reasons I take a million pictures is because I’m a visual feeler. I can look at a picture and be transported back to that memory, and I can press play on the exact thoughts that were going through my head in that very moment, and for an instant I’m taken back to a place in time where I know my heart was full.

Tonight, I was watching my daughter be a kid, jumping around on the trampoline. The air was finally cooler. And as I was embracing fall with a big bear hug, I started reminiscing about our summer. What a summer it was. I had to push my fear aside as my eyes caught glimpse of my daughter being careless and free, bouncing higher and higher. It wasn’t long ago that she would have given anything to just be able to go outside and sit on her trampoline. Her summer plans came to an abrupt halt three months ago. To say it was a tough road is an understatement, but this girls strength and resolve were nothing short of admirable. We got to celebrate her all clear from the doctor last week, and every day I’m so thankful to see her smile. Because, now, it’s different.

Now she appreciates little things she once took for granted, like being able to walk outside and enjoy the weather, play with her puppy, or jump on her trampoline. Now she knows the value of health, and the freedom that comes with it. Now, most importantly, she simply enjoys being a kid.

Our summer didn’t turn out quite like we’d hoped, but it makes the moments we have today all the more sweeter.

My heart is full.

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