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I still can’t believe I survived 10 days away from home and even harder, away from my farmer. Vacation during harvest is a gamble if the hub can join or not, this year it was sunny in Indiana the entire week we were gone—which meant one seat was left empty on the plane, and my usual seat in the tractor was replaced by FaceTime calls. Despite missing the farmer, and our favorite time of year back home, we had a great trip.

Our vacation started in Michigan, where I got to babysit my nephew for the weekend, and get a taste of what it’d be like to have two kiddos. With munchkins help, I could totally do it. Sign me up for a toddler please 😉 I love toddler years.

I’m so much better at entertaining tiny people than I am at tweeny people — if you don’t believe me ask my daughter. I speak fluent toddler, and can’t pronounce a single word of tween language. No habla el tweenagló. I think it’s because miniature people get excited when I tell them to go play in the rain, or race me on your trike, and they enjoy my crafts… oooorrrr more like they get tired of them after a minute and let my inner kid complete them.

Either way, I love three year olds, especially my nephew.

Come Tuesday, we all boarded a plane to Florida EXTREMELY early. It was fun getting to travel together since we don’t get to often. My flyers anxiety was so much better this trip, probably because I didn’t want to be a wheeny in front of my big brother, OR I was half asleep.

Once in FMB the list of activities and laughter was endless. There is literally never a dull moment with my brother. From pirate ships, to Hoosiers in Paradise, to sunsets on the beach there was fun for all ages.

Here are a few of our favorite spots in Fort Myers Beach:

Truly Scrumptious : Two words — Butterscotch Bomb. Hands down THE best ice cream on the island! I’ve been known to go back for seconds, I wish I was kidding.

Pinchers Tiki Bar : 2 for 1 all day if your into that kind of fun, and according to Munchkin they have the best (virgin) Piña Coladas around, and the cheesy crab dip is a FMB staple for us! We feel like regulars here because it’s in walking distance of my moms, and it’s such a great environment—on the beach, completely open, and shoes and shirts are optional!

South Beach : Oftentimes the best food is found off the water. Definitely the case with this place. We celebrated my brother and his wife’s 11th wedding anniversary while Kenz babysat for her first time! I am truly blessed I get to call these two family. This trip wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for their generosity so I love every chance I get to celebrate them!

Salty Crab : Fun spot right on the beach! Our waitress showed us pictures from Hurricane Irma and it’s just crazy. A lot of the beach was lost on the island so their outside area sits right on the water now when before it sat quite a ways off the water. She said three feet of sand was wiped away, and it left the roots of the palm trees exposed! It’s crazy hearing stories, and seeing the pictures, I’m still so thankful the damage in FMB wasn’t worse than it was!

Hoosiers in Paradise : If you are from Indiana this is a must. It’s a little dive bar with a neat rooftop section and all Indiana decor! Hoo-hoo-Hoosiers!

Pirate Cruise : Adult humor was on point that’s for sure and they gave me the drums so my inner pirate diva was in full force. Ahoy Matey! It’s a great time for young kids, it’s an eye workout for tweenagers from all the eye rolling they do. The best part for me was the views from the ship, Florida waters are simply breathtaking!

Our last day of our trip we drove the two hours to Fort Lauderdale (my mom’s old stomping grounds) because our flight home flew out of there. We tried a couple new places while there, but honestly our fun tanks were running on empty so there’s not much to write home about.

I will share a few stops that should be added to the itenarary should any of you venture to Fort Laudy!

Marriott Beach Place : We only stayed for 1 night but this would be a perfect place to stay for an extended vacation with your family. Everything you need you have, literally! There’s even a washer and dryer in your room! And there are multiple shops and restaurants/bars attached to the hotel plus a rooftop pool. What more could one need?

Drunken Taco : Margs and tacos, after a week of seafood, hits the spot! I’m part Mexican so this place felt like home.

LuLu’s Bait Shack : This was on the 2nd floor of our hotel and we had an awesome seat looking over the beach. We were all wore out with it being our last night, but it’d be a fun spot for the adults to venture after the kiddos bedtime.

Make sure to grab some fresh coconut water from the guy with the coconut cart, then take a cute photo of your daughter pretending to enjoy it!

We had so much fun this past week, the best part was Munchkin telling me she actually enjoyed hanging out with me (I’m not such a “fuddy duddy” after all, Josh!)

I won’t lie though, it’s good to be HOME! Here’s to hoping I have all the laundry done before our next trip 😉

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