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You never miss the water, til the well runs dry….

Ain’t that the truth ya’ll! We came home Sunday from Florida to no water. Not a trickle. This has happened one other time, unfortunately, so we knew not to panic. But after ten days away from home, all I wanted was to shower in my shower, and all I could think was there is going to be SO MUCH laundry, Lord help me, this is not how I wanted my first days back home to go! I’m a routine kinda gal so when that routine gets bumped my happy go lucky attitude usually does too. But instead of throwing a tantrum— like I so badly wanted to, I felt God whisper be thankful.

Huh? You have to be kidding me! You want me to be thankful that I can’t flush after I pee, I have to use a water bottle to brush my teeth, and for the love, I can’t have my morning coffee? I can’t say I instantly started jumping for joy at my circumstances but I managed not to cry, and decided I was going to make the best of it, lord willing. I did find myself easily thankful that my father in law lives next door, and graciously opened his bathroom and shower to us. I was also thankful when my husband brought home extra bottled water so I could have some to fill my coffee pot. And when I went to sleep, I was thankful I was back home with my family.

The next day I came home from work to a hole in my parking spot, and two plumbers hard at work below the earth. In the rain. In the pouring down rain. When my hub got home he said the two guys (father and son) had been there the majority of the afternoon. They were soaking wet, and covered in mud. He told me he kept apologizing to them for what a crappy day it was and kept telling them how bad he felt for them. When my husband told me the plumbers response, I stopped in my tracks. He said “The guy just said, I’m thankful for the work.”

He was thankful.

He was thankful despite his circumstances.

He was thankful even though his conditions were unfavorable.

He could have complained, he could have felt bad for himself like my husband felt for him, he could have waited until the rain stopped, but he didn’t because he was thankful.

The rest of that night I thought about the plumbers words, and I prayed that I too could have a thankful heart when the water is flowing, and when the well runs dry. Once our water finally did come back on, I was more than thankful for the plumber, his hard work, and the lesson he taught me with a few simple words.

“BE THANKFUL in all circumstances”

—1 Thessalonians 5:18

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