farmers wife | semi ridin’, super woman, and perspective.

Last night I spent the evening semi ridin’ with my farm boy. He was hauling to the grain center in the small town adjacent to ours, and I always like to join if I can.

Truth be told, I feel like riding in a semi is kind of like sitting in one of those massage chairs, I always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. And corn dust —it’s basically lavender. Next time you have a rough day, climb yourself up in a semi and let the lull of the muffler ease your mind. Trust me on this. (Unless you have back issues or allergies forget what I just said).

Anywho, while weighing in at the grain center I noticed the lady inside running the probe and holding up the sign to tell us where to go to dump the corn. I watched as semis lined up on both sides, coming and going, and I thought man she’s doing a lot in there. So I started asking some questions.

How does she know which bin to send each truck to? How does she run the probe and the computer at the same time? How does she do it all, hours upon hours, during the busy months, and by herself? Does she use the bathroom, eat, drink?

Cody was telling me how long she’s been there, and how she can tell the percentage of moisture in the corn just by listening to it. It’s pretty impressive, really. Then I noticed when we were weighing out, she got up from her post, and hand delivered the ticket to each driver, that’s a lot of steps in one day people. She even let me use her bathroom when the semi seat wasn’t conducive to a full bladder. Point for her. By our last trip, I was officially amazed by this woman—if you ever want to meet super woman you’ll find her wrangling semi’s down at the Lapel Grain Center.

After taking in her job description, I said to my husband, “her job must be so hard.” His response was

It’s not hard if you don’t make it hard.

(Ok, Mr. Wisdom you missed your calling—you should have been writing wise sayings on coffee mugs.)

His simple statement got me thinking about perspective. Is it that easy to change how we view difficulties simply by thinking about them differently? My husband, that man can do anything. Everything seems easy for him—whether it’s maneuvering a semi through a small town, or weathering the storms of infertility. Me on the other hand, I have a it’s hard until it’s been conquered mentality. I go into things thinking they are hard before ever knowing for sure. I can hardly maneuver my suv into a parking space, and the only thing easy about infertility is having the farm boy remind me that we can and will conquer it.

What if we changed our perspective, what if we started thinking things were easy at first, then facing the difficulties as they came, not before they arrive.

I can only imagine what we could do, what we would see, what we could conquer if we stopped thinking everything was hard.

Parenting a teenager? Piece of cake.

Finishing your degree? Easy as 1-2-3.

Juggling a full time job, and a newborn? Aint no thang.

Running a marathon? See you at the finish line.

Busy day at work? Bring it on.

Following your dreams? Done.

Negative report at the doctor? Battle up.

Turning a semi down a narrow street? Who needs that curb anyways?

We could all be super woman —we just need to think like a farm boy.

So I challenge you today, whatever you are doing, whatever you are facing let’s believe that it’s easy, it’s possible, and you might be surprised —that with the right perspective—it actually is.

And if you happen to see a semi jumping curbs you know I took my own advice 😉

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