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This past spring was one of the wettest on records in central Indiana. Which left many farmers facing a losing battle. As soon as they’d get a field planted it would be under water before they got their tractors home. It was hard to watch. We’d drive past fields that were completely washed away, and I would ask my husband, what are you guys going to do?

This was the worst, him or his dad, had ever seen things, but he simply said, “there’s nothing we can do, it’s out of our control.” And so they continued to replant fields, in hopes for a miracle, and their planting season went far longer into the summer than they would have liked.

And then they waited. They waited for the sun to rise, and they waited for God to do, what only He could do. And when the leaves started to turn, and the corn started to tassel they reaped what they had sewn in faith.

Oftentimes in my own life, I plant the seed, I say a prayer and I wait, I wait on things that our out of my control. Then the wind, the rain, the storms, they knock me down, drown me out, and threaten to rip my roots straight from the dirt.

Growth is painful. It can be hard to breakthrough the hardened areas of our heart, and oftentimes when we do see a glimpse of light, it’s only for a brief time. There are moments when the rain gives way to drought and the prayers become relentless. Hours turn to days, days turn to months, and we wait. We wait to see the smallest sign that God is listening. and when it seems as if he isn’t, we want to give up.

If we can’t see what God is doing beneath the surface, then we feel like he’s not doing anything at all.

But He is.

When the pregnancy test shows one line, month after month, year after year.

When the doctors diagnosis isn’t what we want to hear.

When the fire seems to have gone out on the marriage.

When the friendship passes the point of repair.

When the apology never comes, and forgiveness feels impossible.

When the goal feels unattainable.

When the dream feels like a distant memory.

When the shattered pieces of our heart get washed away by the never ending tears.

He is doing what only He can do.

He is in control of the things that are out of ours.

He’s laying the ground work for all that is yet to come. He is working to soften our heart, to allow for His plan to push through. He’s ridding us of the seeds that were never meant to grow. Breathing life into our soul. Giving us roots strong enough to withstand the storms and preparing within us a heart of faith —a heart like the farmer ready to reap the harvest that is always worth the wait.

Don’t give up, God is working to bring life to the very thing you are waiting for—at just the right time.

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