farmers wife | preparation.

img_4910H E L L O M A Y ! And hello everyone that has been waiting patiently for me to fill your screen with witty wisdom. I can assure you I am still alive, and I’m doing rather well—I have simply been on an “eat-pray-love” hiatus— eating lots of ice cream, praying for lots of sunshine like we had today, and loving the heck out of my tribe.

I was reflecting on our past season as I rode shotgun in the tractor next to my husband today. He was field cultivating and my inquiring mind wanted to know why. His answer was simple, as it always is — he was preparing the ground for the seed to be planted. Because during the long winter months the ground takes a beating. Eventually the ground hardens, and forms a protective layer over its surface, preventing any growth.

I couldn’t help but think my heart is a lot like the ground.

When life hits us with unfavorable elements— heartache, frustration, disappointment, betrayal, jealousy, failure, death, disease…

Our hearts harden. Our protective layer thickens. And before long nothing can break through the impenetrable surface.

Except for a farmer. And since God made a farmer he must be one, right? 😜

He is in the business of growing our faith. But when our hearts are ridden by a winter season that feels like it will never end, we have to be willing to go through the process before he can grow His faith in us.

We have to let God prepare our hearts before he can plant His blessings.

And something I’m learning is Gods preparation work is oftentimes done through our difficulties, our impossibilities, and our unforeseen circumstances.

Maybe it’s through a waiting season.

Maybe it’s through the end of a relationship.

Maybe it’s through a doctors diagnosis.

Maybe it’s through that leap of faith that didn’t turn out the way you planned.

Maybe it’s through the hurtful words from a stranger.

Maybe it’s through the team we didn’t make, or the job we didn’t get.

Maybe it’s through a betrayal of a friend.

Maybe it’s through the sickness of a loved one.

Maybe it’s through God’s silence during a particular season.

Because maybe it’s in His silence that he is hardest at work—Preparing your heart for the coming season, for the blessing he’s been enthusiastically waiting to plant in your life.

I’m not so sure I’ve ever been as excited as I am for a change in seasons. For many reasons. But watching my husband prepare his land, and knowing that God is doing the same thing in both of our hearts right now is pretty awesome — getting to spend my day in the tractor with my husband with blue skies and sunshine isn’t half bad either 🙂

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