farmers wife | there’s a goat in my house.

Today I came home to a goat in my back yard. A cute little goat. He was sun bathing in the horses pen, and my first thought was “that doesn’t look like a pig” because we were supposed to be getting one delivered this week. And then my second thought was “awww my husband surprised me because he knows how much I love miniature furry things.” But then I called him and learned that the goat was not supposed to be there, and no I was not allowed to keep it. The goat was lost and it was my job to save him. So Munchkin and I grabbed some hay (do goats eat hay?) and started doing our best goat talk. Sure enough the sweet little guy came right to us and I scooped him up and took him into our mudroom. And it took all but 2 seconds, and 1 nuzzle of his tiny head and we were in love. Operation convince dad we need a goat is in full force.

Sometimes it’s the unplanned little moments that fill us with the most joy.

Yet, I oftentimes miss them in the rush of every day life. The constant hustle of getting from point A to point B, never stopping in between. Today I drove home from work making a to do list in my head—get home, throw a load in the washer, hurry and get dinner going, change into work out clothes so maybe it’ll motivate me to run while I wait at munchkin’s practice, get munchkin to practice (on time), then to church for youth group after, do I need anything from Kroger?— I called Kenz when I pulled onto our road so she could unlock the door for me, because for the love THERE IS NO TIME for keys! But as I turned onto our drive way she was waving me down and giving me the slow-down-you-maniac-driver signal. When I rolled down my window to patiently inquire why, she said “shh there’s a goat and I don’t want you to scare him away.”

Most of our unexpected moments aren’t always as obvious as a goat sunbathing in the back yard. But I bet if we slowed down more often and set our to do list aside we’d see that life is full of little moments just waiting for us to notice them, or pet them.

I’m so thankful for my daughters reminder to slow down so I didn’t miss (or scare away) this little moment. I didn’t get everything marked off my to do list but we smiled and laughed the whole way to practice talking about our unexpected house guest, and how we can’t wait to have one of our own (cough, cough, wink, wink!)

See, these little moments…. they really aren’t little 💗

*moral of the story – slow down, pet a goat, thank me later.

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