life | 2018 reflections.

img_3465Well folks here we are page 1 of 365. What are your goals? What are your plans? Every year at this time I run head first into the new year ready to make it the best year yet. But as excited as I am for 2019 I can’t forget the lessons I learned, the memories I made, the places and people who got me to where I am today.

2018 was a good year. I’ve grown a lot as a person, a wife and a mother. Not without a few tears — I wouldn’t be being true to myself if there wasn’t an excess of emotion involved in my life. But I can honestly sit here today, with messy hair, last nights makeup still on, coffee in hand and say I am content with where I am at this very moment in life.

I did not get all the things I’d hoped for in 2018. I got more.

I hoped for a baby, instead I got to be an aunt to my many nieces and nephews. I got to hold tiny hands, kiss sticky heads, tickle giggly little people, and talk boys with teenagers. And to top it all off I got to hear the sweetest little voices whisper “I love you Aunt Heidi” more times than I can count.

I hoped to grow our family by 1, instead we grew by multiple teenagers. We opened our arms and our home to our daughter friends. Friends that now feel like extra daughters. We filled our tiny house with laughter and they filled our hearts with love.

I hoped for an easy year, instead we spent more time in the ER and at hospitals than we would have liked. My husband cried more tears this year than I think he has his entire life. Our faith was tested, our hearts were full of fear of the unknown. It felt like one bad thing after another and we uttered the words “will we ever get a break” more times than we can count. But we made it. The trials grew my husbands faith and strengthened our marriage and though at times we felt miles away from each other we are now closer than we ever have been. My husband and his siblings walked through some difficult things, scary things, things that didn’t and still don’t make sense but one thing I’m certain of is God is in control and I am so very thankful for another year we get to spend with our loved ones.

I hoped for a year of comfort, instead I had a year full of stepping outside of my comfort zone. I took on a new role at my job. We started house hunting. I ended an unhealthy friendship. I made decisions for myself. I stopped trying to be someone I’m not. I embraced being a young mom and stopped apologizing for it.

The outcomes of my 2018 hopes may look different than I’d imagined but they brought me to a really great place in my life —a place where I feel grateful and truly blessed with what I have right now. My heart is full of hope for the coming year.

My hopes for 2019 are simple :

Care less what others think.

Write more.

Stick to our budget.

Get healthy.

Find joy in simplicity.

Be the best mom to my daughter.

Be selfless in my marriage.

Put my hope in God and give him the pen and trust that the next 365 pages are going to be a really great story!

Here’s to a new year + new hopes. From my family to yours, we hope all your hopes and dreams come true this year!

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4 Responses to life | 2018 reflections.

  1. Ahhh! Happy new year!!! 💕


  2. Michelle Bragg says:

    Oh how I love reading these! Happy New Year, Heidi! ❤️


  3. Tami says:



  4. Tami says:



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